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Tire Shopping & Maintenance


It is not entirely coincidental that "wheels" is a slang term for "car." After all, your vehicle can have a great paint job, comfortable seats, and a well-tuned engine, but you won’t get anywhere without wheels. Your wheels, and tires, are essential to your car’s performance, which is why it’s a good idea to get educated about buying and maintaining tires.

Tire Shopping Guide

  • Take some time to research tire sellers. Price is one consideration, but service is another. When you contact a business, pay attention to how they answer your tire questions. A good business instructs its employees to be thorough and factual when answering questions. Find a shop that has respect for its customers.
  • When asking about tire pricing, make sure to ask what the price includes. What is the cost of putting the tires on your vehicle? Is there a charge for disposing of your old tires? Are there any taxes or other fees of which you should be aware?
  • While it is true that many wholesale clubs and online shops sell tires at a good price, keep in mind that you’ll still have to find someone to install the tires. You will also have to arrange the delivery of the tires, hoist them into your car, and drive them over to the shop. Is a discount price worth the hassle? Only you can decide.

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Tire Maintenance Guide

One way to avoid spending too much on tires is to take care of the ones you already have. Here are some tips for keeping your tires in good shape:

  • Check the air pressure on your tires regularly. Under or over-inflated tires don’t perform as well. Under-inflation, for example, can force your engine to work harder, which affects your car’s performance and fuel usage.
  • Check your car’s owner manual to learn how often you should have your tires rotated and aligned.
  • Perform a visual inspection regularly. Look for wear and tear, as well as embedded items such as nails. In many cases, the problems that you spot can be repaired if caught soon enough, eliminating the need to replace the tire.
  • Never drive on a flat tire. Doing this can ruin the tire, even if you only drive a short distance.

Another thing to keep in mind: Good tire maintenance is not just about saving money, it is also about safety. Tires that perform well keep you and others safe. Be a good citizen and keep your tires in good shape for the well-being of everyone around you.