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Parsons, KS

Parsons, Kansas Facts:

County: Labette

Coverage Area (Total): 10.70 sq. miles

Elevation: 902 ft.

Population: 10,454

Parsons History

Parsons was founded in 1870 and named after Levi Parsons, president of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad; it was incorporated the following year. By the turn of the century, the town showed positive growth trends with the opening of its first state hospital in 1903 (Kansas State Hospital for Epileptics) and its first public library in 1909 (Parsons Public Library, a Carnegie library). The hospital was renamed Parsons State Hospital and Training Center in 1957.

During World War II, the Kansas Ordnance Plant operated within town in support of the war effort. The name was later changed to the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant. In 2005, the munitions plant was placed on the BRAC list for closure, but has staved off this action through strong community support.

Parsons Attractions

Parsons maintains a variety of attractions including:

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