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Aurora, MO

Aurora, Missouri Facts:

County: Lawrence

Coverage Area (Total): 5.5 sq. miles

Elevation: 1,401 ft.

Population: 7,514

Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Albatross, Aurora, Bonham, Burtonville, Butterfield, Chesapeake, Corsicana, East Purdy, Elliott, Freistatt, Globe, Halltown, Heatonville, Hoberg, Jenkins, Leann, Madry, Marionville, McDowell, McKinley, Miller, Monett, Mt Vernon, Opal, Orange, Osa, Paris Springs, Phelps, Pierce City, Pioneer, Pleasant Ridge, Purdy, Revisville, Sage Hill, Scholten, Spencer, Star City, Stotts City, Verona, Wheelerville, Yonkerville

Aurora History

Aurora was first settled in 1834, but wasn't platted until 1870 when founder Stephen Elliot began selling lots of his 40-acre farmland. Half of the lots in the new town were given to the Frisco Railroad as payment for establishing a depot in 1872. One of the biggest events in Aurora happened in 1885 when a well being dug at the Thomas D. Liles farm produced large chunks of pure galenda, thus establishing Aurora as a mining town over the next 100 years. The town was incorporated in 1886 and its population steadily grew to a peak of 10,000 residents in 1908.

Aurora Attractions

Aurora maintains a variety of attractions including:

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