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Eastern New Mexico Facts:

  • Counties: Curry, De Baca, Guadalupe, Lea, Quay, and Roosevelt
  • Coverage Area (Total): 16,505 sq. miles
  • Population: 148,699
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: New Mexico – Abbott, Albert, Amistad, Anton Chico, Arch, Bard, Bell Ranch, Bellview, Bernal, Bingham, Broadview, Bueyeros, Cameron, Cannon AFB, Causey, Cedarvale, Clapham, Claunch, Clayton, Clines Corners, Clovis, Colonias, Conchas Dam, Corona, Cuervo, Dahilia, Dilia, Dora, Dunlap, Duran, El Valle (San Miguel Co), Elida, Encino, Endee, Farley, Field, Floyd, Forrest, Ft Sumner, Gallegos, Garita, Gladstone, Glenrio, Gonzales Ranch, Grady, Grier, Hayden, House, Ilfeld, Ima, Jordan, La Loma, Leyba, Logan, Maes, McAlister, Melrose, Milagro, Mills, Milnesand, Montoya, Mosquero, Mt. Dora, Nara Visa, Newkirk, Pasamonte, Pastura, Pep, Pleasant Hill, Portales, Porter, Progresso, Pueblo, Puerto de Luna, Quay, Ragland, Ramon, Ranchvale, Ribera, Rogers, Rome, Rosebud, Rosedale, Rowe, Roy, Sabinoso, St Vrain, San Jon, San Jose, San Miguel, San Ysidro, Santa Rosa, Sedan, Sena, Seneca, Serafina, Solano, South Clovis, Stead, Sumner Lake, Taiban, Tecolote, Tecolotito, Texico, Tolar, Trementina, Trujillo, Tucumcari, Ute Dam, Variadero, Vaughn, Villanueva, Wagon Wheel, Weber City, Wheatland, White Lakes, Yeso; Texas – Farwell, Glenrio, Oklahoma Lane, Pleasant Hill (Parmer County), San Jon

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Eastern New Mexico History

The Eastern New Mexico region (termed the "High Plains" or "Little Texas") typically covers the same general area as the Llano Estacado, a region that encompasses parts of eastern New Mexico and northwestern Texas. Most of the area is located at altitudes of more than 4,000 feet and is fairly level terrain. It is largely agricultural and resembles West Texas in geography, culture, economy, and demographics. Its primary cities include Clovis, Portales, and Tucumcari.

Eastern New Mexico Attractions

Eastern New Mexico maintains a variety of attractions including: