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Locksmith Jobs & Services


Locksmiths are specialists in locks and keys. A professional locksmith installs, maintains, and when necessary, opens locks when a key is not available. In addition, locksmiths also create keys and can install, repair and open safes. As you might expect, locksmith prices vary by location, the locksmith's experience, and job type. Locksmiths may also charge more for late-night or early morning "emergency calls" to let people into their homes.

Ways that Locksmiths Serve their Communities

In a country that is increasingly security conscious, locksmiths have an important role to play in communities. Locksmiths often work hand-in-hand with building contractors, landlords, business owners, property managers, and even law enforcement. While many locksmiths work during "normal business hours," many locksmith companies operate on a 24/7 schedule because of a need for their services. Here are some of the ways locksmiths serve their communities:

Lock & Safe Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Even the best deadbolt won't work if it's not installed correctly. While it is possible to buy lock kits at hardware stores, many homeowners, and even general contractors, don't know the best way to place them into a door. A professional locksmith can ensure peak performance from a lock by installing it correctly.

Locksmiths are often called immediately after robberies and other crimes, particularly if the criminal broke into a home or business through a door. The locksmith can install a new lock and check other doors for potential vulnerabilities.

Many locksmiths also work with safes and may install them in businesses or private homes. In situations where a safe malfunctions or the owner no longer has access to the combination, a locksmith may be brought in to drill the safe open.

Unlocking Services

Unfortunately, people sometimes forget or lose their keys. This can create significant issues if they cannot get into their home or car. 24-hour home and automotive locksmith services can dispatch a locksmith to the property or vehicle and get the client into their vehicle or back into where they live.

Key Duplication

While many hardware stores now offer key duplication services, many people believe that a professional locksmith can do a better job at cutting a key that works consistently and not damage the lock.

Landlords and Property Managers

Landlords and property managers rely on locksmiths in multiple ways. For example, an owner may rely on a locksmith to rekey locks when a tenant moves out of a rental unit. In addition, a landlord may have an arrangement with the locksmith to provide unlocking services to residents.

Sometimes it's the landlord or property manager him or herself who needs to get into an apartment. Sometimes tenants change locks without providing the owner with a new key. If the landlord suspects that tenant has abandoned the property or the tenant is not responding to knocks on the door and phone calls, the landlord may need a locksmith to help break into the rental unit.

The presence of a locksmith is often necessary at evictions. In fact, some sheriff's departments have a policy that a locksmith must be available when a tenant is forced to leave his or her home. This is for two reasons:

  • It is not uncommon for renters to either change the locks or to break a lock so that the landlord's key will not work. Law enforcement officers prefer not to have to break down a door or go in through a window, so will insist that a locksmith be on hand to open or remove the lock.
  • Tenants have also been known to try and sneak back into a property after the law enforcement officer has left. To prevent this, it is essential that a locksmith rekey the locks immediately so that the property is secure.

Business Owners

Business owners rely on locksmiths for many of the same reasons as property owners, drivers, and landlords do: Locksmiths can install locks on office and building doors and can install and maintain the company safe. A locksmith may also be needed to rekey locks if a key holding employee is terminated from the company.

Final Word

Look around your community and take note of all the homeowners, renters, business owners, law enforcement personnel, drivers, and landlords. Then consider that all of these people, in one way or another, depend on locksmiths. In fact, just about everyone is touched by the work of those who practice this important trade.