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Independence, KS

Independence: Kansas Facts

County: Montgomery

Coverage Area (Total): 7.75 sq. miles

Elevation: 804 ft.

Population: 9,332

Independence History

The site of Independence was purchased from the Osage Indians by George A. Brown in 1869. In that same year, a group of Oswego, Kansas men settled in the area along with 18 families from Indiana. The town's first hotel (Judson House) and its first store (Wilson & Irwin Groceries) were also established.

In May, 1870, Independence became the county seat in Montgomery and the first post office was opened in July. Within the next two years, over 200 houses were built and the population rose. Mills, and other businesses such as the first newspaper (Kansas Tribune) and the first bank (Hull's Banking), flourished during the early days of development.

Independence Attractions

Independence maintains a variety of attractions including:

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