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Money Saving Plumbing Tips


While many people tend to focus on their electricity and heating bills, your water bill is also a major consideration.

Wasted water means wasted money, something that is bad for both your budget and your long-term financial health. In addition, the conditions that cause water waste often cause damage to other systems within your home, creating potential health hazards. By addressing these conditions, you are also reducing the likelihood of having to make very expensive repairs later.

Money Saving Water Tips

Here are some tips for saving money on your water bill:

  • Showers can be a major source of water waste. Try limiting the time you spend in the shower by setting a timer that you keep in your bathroom. You can also switch to a low-flow shower head that gets you clean without using too much water.
  • Never ignore a drip. Drips are the result of plumbing issues that can typically be addressed quickly, cheaply, and easily. However, if these issues are ignored, the drip can become worse, resulting in significant water waste. If the drip is related to a more significant plumbing problem, real damage can start happening behind the walls of your home, which you won't notice right away, but can become a major headache when you need to make repairs.
  • Consider replacing old appliances. Your old appliances are often less energy efficient and could be costing you a lot of money, far more than the cost of replacement.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips for maintaining your plumbing system so that it continues to perform efficiently:

  • Do not ignore leaks, particularly around the base of the toilet bowl. Leaks in this area will eventually damage the floor, making it unstable and eventually requiring more expensive repairs.
  • Your water meter can be a good indicator of possible hidden leaks in your home. Check your meter and use your phone to take a picture of its current settings. Don’t use any water for two hours. Check the meter readings and compare them to the photo you took. If you see a change, this may indicate a leak.
  • Do you have a garbage disposal? Don’t assume that you can put just any old type of food into it. Starchy foods, such as rice or potatoes, absorb moisture, reducing efficiency.

These money-saving tips not only help you conserve cash, but also help to keep your entire home in good working order. Take the time to research licensed plumbers in your area and to develop a relationship with one who will help you not only address damage and repair needs, but who will also assist you in maintaining your plumbing system throughout the year.

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