Our Vision

Our vision at Names and Numbers is to develop a culture of winning, growing, building, and entrepreneurship. We desire for the people associated with Names and Numbers to recognize their personal and corporate value, and to become more prosperous as a result of joining our team.

We aspire to contribute to an improving quality of life for our customers, and staff members, alike. It is our intent to build a highly skilled, well-motivated team who share in the same passion for our opportunities.

We want our dreams and goals to continue becoming reality. And, one of those dreams is to make a positive, long-lasting difference in the lives of our customers, employees, and communities we serve each day.

We see that as a culture of winning.

Our Goals

1. To serve the best interests of our Customers by listening to, and understanding, their needs and objectives, and partnering with them to grow their businesses.

2. To efficiently produce and deliver: on time, high quality, accurate, complete, and easy-to-use Phone Books which exceed the expectations of the communities we serve.

3. To uphold and strengthen Names and Numbers' culture by embracing change and working together to promote a positive working environment that rewards success, innovation, and effectiveness, while creating the opportunities to improve each Employee's quality of life.

Our Culture

Having been empowered to design the cultural environment we wish to exist in at Names and Numbers, we hereby pledge to uphold the highest standards of the values stated below. By working together to maintain this positive work environment, we will reach our company goals. We will make every effort, on a daily basis, to live these values through example.

I will communicate with all parties involved in a clear and concise manner that is respectful and open minded.
I will treat all co-workers with respect, being considerate, polite, and professional.
I will recognize that we all have a common goal and understand to achieve our goal requires coming together as a team.
I will always be accountable to myself, my team and others regarding our actions, responsibilities, and job performance.
I will work with dignity and honesty to uphold our integrity.
I will maintain a positive attitude and encourage my co-workers to do the same.
I will approach and fulfill my job responsibilities in a trustworthy manner and trust my co-workers to do the same.
I will encourage and recognize the commitment and success of my co-workers in their personal and professional endeavors.
I will listen to others and be considerate of their point of view.
I will be proactive in planning, problem-solving and the communication of work flow procedures and processes.
I will cooperate with and support my co-workers.
I will be committed to creating a work environment that is fun and enthusiastic.
I will strive for excellence in quality, efficiency, creativity, and innovation to achieve profitability.

I recognize that by adhering to the above values, the decisions we make will positively impact our Customers, our Products, and Names and Numbers.