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Monett, Missouri Facts:

  • County: Monett, Pierce
  • Coverage Area (Total): 6.5 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 1,355 ft.
  • Population: 8,873
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Albatross, Aurora, Bonham, Burtonville, Butterfield, Chesapeake, Corsicana, East Purdy, Elliott, Freistatt, Globe, Halltown, Heatonville, Hoberg, Jenkins, Leann, Madry, Marionville, McDowell, McKinley, Miller, Monett, Mt Vernon, Opal, Orange, Osa, Paris Springs, Phelps, Pierce City, Pioneer, Pleasant Ridge, Purdy, Revisville, Sage Hill, Scholten, Spencer, Star City, Stotts City, Verona, Wheelerville, Yonkerville

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Monett History

Monett was established in 1887 where it marked its beginnings as a Frisco Railroad town. It became a vibrant railroad terminal, which facilitated growth in agriculture trade, retail commerce, and manufacturing. Monett developed a diverse economy in its early days, including livestock, apples, cigar manufacturing, ice, poultry, dairy, and its famous Ozark strawberries. The town became known as the Strawberry Capital of the Midwest.

Monett Attractions & Tourism

Monett maintains a variety of attractions including: