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Fort Scott, KS

Fort Scott, Kansas Facts:

County: Bourbon

Coverage Area (Total): 5.59 sq. miles

Elevation: 846 ft.

Population: 7,990

Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Kansas – Bronson, Devon, Fort Scott, Fulton, Garland, Hiattville, Mapleton, Redfield, Savonburg, Uniontown; Missouri – E Fort Scott

Fort Scott History

Fort Scott was established and garrisoned by the U.S. Army from 1842-53. Once the army abandoned the fort, local settlers purchased the buildings at a government auction in 1855. The result was the founding of one of the largest towns in the Kansas Territory. It competed with Kansas City on three occasions prior to 1900 to become the largest railroad center west of the Mississippi.

During the American Civil War, Fort Scott played a vital role in the defense of the Midwest. It was used as a U.S. Army district headquarters, supply depot, training center, and recruitment station during that time.

Fort Scott Attractions

Fort Scott maintains a variety of attractions including:

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