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Clovis, NM

Clovis, New Mexico Facts:

  • County: Curry
  • Coverage Area (Total): 22.5 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 4,268 ft.
  • Population: 37,775
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: New Mexico – Abbott, Albert, Amistad, Anton Chico, Arch, Bard, Bell Ranch, Bellview, Bernal, Bingham, Broadview, Bueyeros, Cameron, Cannon AFB, Causey, Cedarvale, Clapham, Claunch, Clayton, Clines Corners, Clovis, Colonias, Conchas Dam, Corona, Cuervo, Dahilia, Dilia, Dora, Dunlap, Duran, El Valle (San Miguel Co), Elida, Encino, Endee, Farley, Field, Floyd, Forrest, Ft Sumner, Gallegos, Garita, Gladstone, Glenrio, Gonzales Ranch, Grady, Grier, Hayden, House, Ilfeld, Ima, Jordan, La Loma, Leyba, Logan, Maes, McAlister, Melrose, Milagro, Mills, Milnesand, Montoya, Mosquero, Mt. Dora, Nara Visa, Newkirk, Pasamonte, Pastura, Pep, Pleasant Hill, Portales, Porter, Progresso, Pueblo, Puerto de Luna, Quay, Ragland, Ramon, Ranchvale, Ribera, Rogers, Rome, Rosebud, Rosedale, Rowe, Roy, Sabinoso, St Vrain, San Jon, San Jose, San Miguel, San Ysidro, Santa Rosa, Sedan, Sena, Seneca, Serafina, Solano, South Clovis, Stead, Sumner Lake, Taiban, Tecolote, Tecolotito, Texico, Tolar, Trementina, Trujillo, Tucumcari, Ute Dam, Variadero, Vaughn, Villanueva, Wagon Wheel, Weber City, Wheatland, White Lakes, Yeso; Texas – Farwell, Glenrio, Oklahoma Lane, Pleasant Hill (Parmer County), San Jon

Clovis History

Clovis was founded in 1906 when the Santa Fe Railroad was brought to the area. It was established by engineers of the railroad who were ordered to locate a town-site in the newly developing farm area of Eastern New Mexico. The town name was chosen by a daughter of one of the railroad officials who was studying the 5th century Christian king of the Franks, "King Clovis." Clovis was incorporated in 1909.

Clovis' world-renowned Cannon Air Force Base was opened in 1942, and has had a great impact on the community ever since. This impact was in full display when the base was officially placed on the BRAC closure list in 2005 and the community responded with "Operation Keep Cannon." The effort saw Clovis residents write hundreds of letters, make hundreds of phone calls, and spend numerous volunteer hours in support of keeping the base open. On June 20, 2006, Cannon was officially removed from the base closure list.

Clovis Attractions

Clovis maintains a variety of attractions including:

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