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Grove, Oklahoma Facts:

  • County: Delaware
  • Population: 6,623
  • Coverage Area (Total): 9.1 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 774 ft.
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Afton, Bernice, Bluejacket, Cardin, Cleora, Commerce, Copeland, Cornatzar, Dawes, Dennis, Disney, Dotyville, Douthat, Eastside, Fairland, Five Mile, Grand Lake Towne, Grove, Hockerville, Jay, Kellyville, Ketchum, Langley, Lincolnville, Miami, Monkey Island, Narcissa, North Miami, Oak Grove, Okoee, Ontario, Oseuma, Ottawa, Pensacola, Peoria, Picher, Potter, Quapaw, Success, Tia Juana, Vinita, Welch, White Oak, Wyandotte, Zena, Zincville

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Grove History

Though an official post office was provided to Grove in 1888, the town was not incorporated until the 1890s. At that time, the town name changed from "Grove Springs" to "Grove," and the town site was laid out in 1901. During the Civil War, federal troops referred to the area by many different names including "Round Grove," "Monroe Grove" (named for a Cherokee family that owned area land at the time), and "Tablor's Grove" (named for Dr. Tablor, an early settler).

Grove’s first newspaper was printed in 1898 by the Grove Sun, and a handful of restaurants surfaced in 1899. The town's first fire department was established in 1911, its first community center built in 1938, and the waters of nearby Grand Lake formed in 1940. By the 1960s, construction of a new hospital (1963) and public library (1964) rounded out a list of great enhancements to the community over the span of 60+ years.

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