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McCall, Idaho Facts:

  • County: Valley
  • Coverage Area (Total): 6.6 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 5,013 ft.
  • Population: 2,991
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Banks (Horseshoe Bend), Cascade, Council, Cuprum, Dixie, Donnelly, Elk City, Garden Valley, Lake Fork, Lowman, Lucile, McCall, New Meadows, Pollock, Riggins, Warm Lake, Warren, White Bird, Yellow Pine

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McCall History

The McCall settlement was founded by Tom and Louisa McCall sometime between 1889-91. During this time, the McCalls established a school, hotel, saloon, and post office in the town. It was early on that the settlement was labeled as a "pleasure resort" by the Idaho Statesman due to the vast recreational activities that occurred on nearby Payette Lake.

Tourism was booming by the early 20th century; the Boydstun Hotel in nearby Lardo opened in 1902, the Sylvan Beach Resort camping area opened in 1906, and the Lardo Inn opened in 1907. McCall's reputation as a tourist destination was secured in 1914 with the arrival of the Oregon Short Line Railroad, and the community was incorporated as a village just three years later.

McCall Attractions

McCall maintains a variety of attractions including: