Small Business Owners Are Overall Happier

Happy Face

We often hear about the stress experienced by people who run their own businesses, but recent studies show that, despite the stress, small business owners are happy. Quite happy!

In fact, one survey showed that 77% of small business owners rated themselves as “happy” or “extremely happy.” Interestingly, these folks made it clear that it wasn’t a light workload that improved their mood: Most worked long hours, including weekends.

There are several reasons why small business owners are so happy. In some cases, the business owner is just happy to be working under their own rules, operating in an industry that he or she has a true passion for. Many indicate that they like the freedom of no dress codes, while others note that they are eating better and exercising more now that they don’t answer to a boss.

Another thing that contributes to happiness is the fact that business owners who are also entrepreneurs have the satisfaction of building their own companies from the ground up. This leads to a strong sense of accomplishment and improved self-esteem.

Curiously, the happiness of small business owners seems to be infectious. A recent consumer survey in the United Kingdom showed that 80 percent of respondents felt happiness or contentment when purchasing from small businesses. Not only were the consumers proud to be able to support a small business, they also indicated a stronger level of trust in local shops, especially when it comes to buying a large-ticket item.

Happy Face
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