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Ozona, Texas Facts:

  • County: Crockett
  • Coverage Area (Total): 4.7 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 2,349 ft.
  • Population: 3,225
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Barnhart, Big Lake, Eldorado, Ozona, Sonora

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Ozona History

Ozona was founded in 1891 under the name Powell Well after land surveyor E.M. Powell drilled a well at the location and offered water and land for several establishments. The community was chosen as the county seat of Crockett County in the same year; the county was named for Colonel Davy Crockett of Alamo fame. In 1897, the town was renamed Ozona to represent the vast amount of "open air" (or "ozone") it possessed.

The Crockett County Courthouse was built in Ozona in 1902. The town's early days saw cattle, sheep, and goats become primary economic resources, with gas and oil wells drilled and developed well into the 1980s. Two disasters struck Ozona some 28 years apart: a fire in 1926 destroyed a block of town businesses, and a flood in 1954 killed 16 and destroyed almost half the town's houses. The peak of Ozona's population occurred in 1986 with approximately 4,200 residents.

Ozona Attractions

Ozona maintains a variety of attractions including:

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