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Missouri is a blend of urban culture and natural wonder. Visitors to St Louis and Kansas City have the opportunity to attend professional sports events, check out art museums, and listen to world-class music. Yet they don't have to travel far to find one of Missouri's 6,000 caves, some of which allow visitors to take guided tours.

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum (Independence): President Truman guided the United States through one of the most difficult periods of its history. Learn about his formative years, as well as major issues that affected his presidency, at his museum.

National Tiger Sanctuary (Chestnutridge/Saddlebrooke): The Sanctuary offers a place where large cats and other animals can live out their lives in comfort, with the best care available. Guided tours are available during limited hours. These limitations are in place to allow the big cats the 18 hours of sleep they need each day!

National World War I Museum and Memorial (Kansas City): World War I was a long conflict with an enormous human toll. The veterans of that war have passed on, but their struggle is remembered at this museum.

Sight & Sound Theatres (Branson): This venue puts on spectacular shows depicting stories from the Bible. Visitors of all ages remark on the professionalism of these productions.

The Gateway Arch (St Louis): Known simply as "The Arch," this structure is the tallest man-made monument in the United States. Whether you just choose to wave at it as you drive by, stop and take a picture, or decide to check out the inside, The Arch is an absolute must for your Missouri to-do list.