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Considered to be the "Official Birthplace" of the famed Route 66, Springfield, Missouri is now a bustling city that offers a full range of activities for tourists and residents alike. In fact, Springfield is home to 102 parks, not to mention museums, music venues, art galleries, and other attractions. Businesses bustle in Springfield as well, where you can find some of the area's best surgeons and physicians, attorneys, insurance, auto repair shops, and more.

The area is also big on music and hosts open air festivals and concerts on a regular basis. Springfield is less than an hour away from Branson, entertainment capital of the Midwest. Exploring outside of Springfield? Let Names and Numbers help you explore and learn more about things to do in Missouri.

Springfield, MO Tourism

Tourists of all ages and tastes will find something to do in Springfield. From "Historic C-Street" to the Discovery Museum for kids, tourists can spend weeks exploring this modern city. For those who prefer more quiet activities, check out the Japanese Stroll Garden, which is a wonder of tranquility.

Historic C-Street: 150 years ago, the railroad came to Springfield. C-Street became the town's center of commerce and activity. Today the street is full of restaurants, boutiques, and music venues. It also plays host to a variety of festivals throughout the year.

Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks: The Air and Military Museum curates over 5,000 items from military history. History and military buffs praise the museum for its expert staff as well as for keeping its collection in excellent condition.

The World's Largest Fork: In front of an office building at 2215 W Chesterfield Blvd. is the world's largest fork. Yes, you are welcome to have your picture taken with it. Imagine all the "likes" that you'll get on Facebook!

Mother's Brewing Company: Beer lovers praise Mother's for offering excellent tours of the brewery. It's also possible to try some of the beers in their tasting room and to talk to the knowledgeable staff about beer and brewing.

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden: This 7.5 acre garden is inside the Springfield Botanical Gardens. Visitors can visit koi ponds (and feed the fish with food purchased from the garden), observe traditional Japanese landscaping, and enjoy refreshments at the tea house.

Discovery Center of Springfield: Families with kids will enjoy visiting this educational museum. The Discovery Center has four floors of exhibits, including a Van de Graff generator. Kids of all ages love the hands-on nature of this museum, which provides plenty of opportunity to combine fun and learning.

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