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Shell Knob, Missouri Facts:

  • County: Alpine, White River
  • Coverage Area (Total): 10.8 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 1,148 ft.
  • Population: 1,393
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Arkansas – Beaver, Berryville, Blue Eye, Busch, Cabanal, Eureka Springs, Grandview, Green Forest, Holiday Island, Maple, Metalton, Oak Grove, Oak Hill, Pleasant Ridge, Pleasant Valley, Rudd, Rule, Urbanette; Missouri – Arrow Point, Bates Corner, Carr Lane, Cassville, Cato, Chain-O-Lakes, Eagle Rock, Emerald Beach, Exeter, Fairview, Golden, Hailey, Hill City, Hilltop, Jenkins, Lohmer, Mano, Mineral Spring, Oak Ridge, Pasley, Ridgley, Rocky Comfort, Seligman, Shell Knob, Viola, Washburn, Wayne, Wheaton

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Shell Knob History

The Shell Knob area was first settled at the foot of present-day Shell Knob Mountain by Henry and Elizabeth Yoachum Schell in 1835. When the town received a post office and was officially incorporated in 1872, the "c" in Schell was mistakenly left off the name.

Pearls became a main industry of Shell Knob when they were discovered in the clams of the White River in the 1890s. In the 1920s, the Ashley Mixon Tomato Cannery was opened and canning became the main industry. And, transportation was greatly affected in 1932 when the completion of a 20-mile stretch of Hwy. 86 between Cassville and Shell Knob turned a three-day round trip by oxen cart into a few minutes drive by automobile.

Shell Knob Attractions

Shell Knob maintains a variety of attractions including: