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Nixa, Missouri Facts:

  • County: Christian
  • Coverage Area (Total): 6.2 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 1,296 ft.
  • Population: 19,022
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Billings, Bruner, Chadwick, Chestnutridge, Clever, Highlandville, Nixa, Oldfield, Ozark, Saddlebrooke, Sparta, Spokane

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Nixa History

Nixa's origins trace back to the mid-1800s and the town was officially incorporated in 1902. It was named after one of the community's earliest civic leaders, Nicholas A. Inman, a blacksmith who came to the area in 1853. The first settlers in Nixa were farmers, and grain crops, dairy and beef cattle, and vegetables were considered the main economic products of the area. The growing community quickly became known as a "stopover" site since it was a half-day ride by horse from Springfield.

Nixa Attractions

Nixa maintains a variety of attractions including: