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Idaho Tourism

Idaho offers incredible scenery, historical attractions, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor exploration. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy climbing mountains and sailing the lakes, while those with an interest in history will be able to check out the route that Lewis and Clark took during their exploration, as well as Nez Perce Indian lands.

Many people don't know that Idaho's Great Seal is the only state seal designed by a woman. Mrs. Emma Edwards Green completed the design in 1890. Idaho is also on the top of the list when it comes to river mileage: The length of Idaho's rivers is 3,100 miles, which is more than any other U.S. state.

Things To Do in Idaho

Like many western states, Idaho has a fascinating history along with unique geological features. Visitors often spend a great deal of time outdoors, checking out bird sanctuaries, old penitentiaries, and natural phenomena.

Craters of the Moon (Arco): It may be a while before moon tourism becomes a possibility, so enjoy the next best thing by visiting Craters of the Moon National Monument. Lava flowed and hardened in this area, creating a most unusual landscape for your perusal.

Johnny Sack Cabin (Island Park): Johnny Sack was a man who leased some federal lands from the government. Over time... he built, by hand, a cabin. The careful workmanship and the cabin's beautiful natural setting has contributed to it being made a landmark and tourist destination.

Old Idaho Penitentiary (Boise): If you've been spending too much time outdoors in Idaho, it may be time to learn what it's like on the inside... of the state's old penitentiary. Built in 1872, this facility held its share of criminals and you can now roam the grounds and buildings for yourself.

World Center For Birds of Prey (Boise): Centuries ago, humans developed close bonds with raptors that were used for hunting. Now some are endangered. Visitors can learn more about these amazing birds, as well as what we can do to help keep them alive.