CMR (Certified Marketing Representatives)

Names and Numbers / K. W. Brock Directories - Pub Code 0533

Our National Department is ready to help you place your clients in any one of our distinguished Names and Numbers phone books. Select a state to access graphics specs, special pricing, and demographics of each market.

(NOTE: Yellow pages from online directories should not be printed for tear sheet purposes. For proper tear sheets, please call 1-800-592-7625.)

As a CMR, if you have not received one of our phone books, or would like additional copies of a specific phone book, contact us by phone (1-800-592-7625) or fax (1-800-515-9303) and we will fulfill the order within three business days. We are also flexible concerning late order approvals.

Click on our CMR Art Submission link below or submit art via email to

CMR Art Submission

We enjoy working with the CMR community and look forward to working with you.

Cathy Faros
National Operations Supervisor
800-592-7625 ext 2154
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Pittsburg, KS 66762