10 Must-Do Hikes in CO

While the Colorado tourism industry rightly promotes a full spectrum of activities in the state, including museums and cultural events, Colorado is really all about outdoor activities. The difficulty is trying to figure out which are truly the best hiking trails in Colorado: There are so many of varying lengths, terrains, and difficulty!

Still, here are some that we think might interest you:

1. Great Sand Dunes National Park: Hike 30 square miles of sand dunes in Mosca, some over 700 feet tall! There are no actual trails in the dunes themselves, but there is some forest nearby for those who want a more traditional trek.

2. Meyers Homestead Trail: This Boulder-area trail is popular with just about everyone it seems, particularly wildflower enthusiasts. Families with kids and dogs enjoy it, and so do cyclists. The trail is about 2.6 miles on its own, but links up with the much longer Walker Ranch Loop.

3. The Colorado Trail: This trail takes you from Denver to Durango (500 miles) and is celebrated all over the world for its beauty and challenges. There are those who do hike the entire trail, but many people are less ambitious and decide to hike just a segment, many of which are roughly 20 miles long.

Bear Creek Falls

4. Bear Creek Trail: This natural trail is just over six miles and is part of Lair o’ the Bear Park. Other, trails, both longer and shorter, are also nearby, allowing you to choose the trek that bets suits your mood or fitness level.

5. Conejos River Headwaters Loop: Looking for a challenge? This 31 mile trail will give it to you. Dog-friendly and there is a lake and waterfall along the way.

6. Liberty Cap-Ute Canyon Loop: This is an 11 mile trip, suitable for overnight trekking and horseback riding is permitted in some areas.

7. South Rim Trail at Roxborough State Park: This unpaved trail is three miles long and has an elevation of 6,100 feet. Fans of raptors can look for golden eagles while hiking. No dogs allowed.

8. Willow Lake Trail: Located in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, this nine-mile trail is praised for its incredible beauty. Dogs welcome.

9. Devil’s Thumb Pass: This trail is just over 13 miles and is considered to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. The trail is dog-friendly, but you’ll have to keep your pooch leashed. Camping is permitted with a permit.

10. Blue Lake: If your time in the area is limited, try a trail that’s just over five miles. You can bring your leashed dog with you and be sure to take your camera along. The wildflowers are supposed to be spectacular.

Colorado hiking is some of the best in the United States. Whether you live in Colorado year-round or are visiting from somewhere else, take the time to sample several trails, if you can, and create some incredible memories.

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