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1223 N Watkins St Memphis TN
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From initial site inspection to final clean up, Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. has fulfilled the demolition contracting needs of thousands of clients for over fifty years. As your 'one stop' demolition contractor, Chandler Demolition Company staff can make your initial site inspection, perform an asbestos assessment, perform the required asbestos survey and remove any asbestos from the structure. When this is complete, Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. is fully qualified to perform any type of demolition. Whether your needs are implosion, conventional demolition, partial demolition or interior demolition for building renovation, Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. is the only choice. Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. has demolished numerous multi-story, reinforced concrete structures over the past fifty-nine years. In our experience we have used all demolition methods to demolish these types of structures.
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