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Harrison, Arkansas Facts:

  • County: Boone
  • Coverage Area (Total): 10.2 sq. miles
  • Elevation: 1,050 ft.
  • Population: 12,943
  • Cities/Towns covered in local Names and Numbers Phone Book: Alpena, Arkana, Arkawana,Bear Creek Springs, Bellefonte, Bellville, Bergman, Briarcliff, Bruno, Buffalo City, Bull Shoals, Burlington, Cartney, Clarkridge, Colfax, Comal, Cotter, Cowan, Crawford, Crest, Cricket, Diamond City, Dodd City, Dugger, Eros, Everton, Fawn Park, Flippin, Francis, Gamaliel, Gassville, Georges Creek, Hand Valley, Harmon, Harrison, Hasty, Henderson, Hopewell, Jordan, Keener, Lakeview, Lakeway, Lead Hill, Lick Branch, Little Arkansaw, Lowry, Mallard Point, Midway, Monarch, Monkey Run, Mountain Home, Myrtle, New Hope, Norfork, Norfork Village, Oakland, Old Buffalo, Old Joe, Olvey, Omaha, Peel, Pleasant Ridge, Powell, Prosperity, Pyatt, Rally Hill, Ralph, Rea Valley, Ridgway, Salesville, Self, Snow, South Lead Hill, Summit, Sycamore, Three Brothers, Tracy Ferry, Turkey, Valley Springs, Western Grove, Whiteville, Willis, Wooden Hills, Yellville, Zinc

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Harrison History

Harrison was platted by, and named after, LaRue Harrison in 1869. The town was incorporated in 1876. The area was originally inhabited by several Native American tribes, including the Osage, Shawnee, Quapaw, and Caddo. The Cherokee arrived in 1816; their hostilities toward the Osage caused an Indian war in the Ozark Mountains that led to both tribes being relocated to the Indian Territory by the 1830s.

The early 1900s witnessed the birth of law enforcement in Harrison with the building of the Boone County Courthouse (1909) and the Boone County Jail (1914). In 1961, a flood wiped out 80 percent of Harrison's business district with over 300 building damaged or destroyed; the losses exceeded $5.4 million. Today, Harrison is home to the primary offices of FedEx Freight and the second Wal-Mart store, which opened in 1965.

Harrison Attractions

Harrison maintains a variety of attractions including: